What is Scrapbooking?

If you look in the Dictionary you will find the definition for Scrapbook as: "a book of blank pages in which newspaper cuttings or pictures are stuck"

To me - Scrapbooking is a really fun way to collect your memories and display them in a more creative way than just putting them in a normal photo album, it is a chance to enjoy and document your memories even more through creating your layouts as well as in the future when you return to your Scrapbook Albums.  You will create your own style as you go along - there is no right or wrong way - the only thing that you must do - is enjoy it!!!

I know of so many people that start scrapbooking after a trip to DISNEY WORLD As - where else would you usually take nearly 1000 photos in 2 weeks!  ( sometimes more sometimes less!)   So, DISNEY SCRAPBOOKING is a bit special I think, because not only have you been on a Magical holiday to the Happiest Place on Earth, you now get to re-create your trip through your Scrapbook, step by step, layout by layout your holiday can be recreated again in front of you so that you and your family NEVER forget the precious time that you have spent there,  little children who may not remember the trip will have so much fun when they are older looking through all the layouts that you have created for them and then when they are older - they will want to make their own!

I am sure that most of you will be familiar with Scrapbooking at some time or other in your life.  Whether it is a Scrapbook that someone in your family has made for you when you were younger with photos / birthday cards etc or a Book of Newspaper articles about your favourite Pop Group!  But back in the "old" days - Scrapbooking usually just involved a large rectangular book full of coloured sugar paper, and then you stuck all your photos / clippings into the book without any further thought ...  it is all about collecting things that you want to remember and preserving those memories somehow so that you can reminisce at a later date and pass down the memories through the rest of your family.

Today - Scrapbooking has moved on from that - but the concept is still the same but the vast range of materials and styles are just amazing!  Scrapbooking has become a very popular hobby and for the serious scrapbookers - it is a way of life!  Every photo we may take we already have a layout in mind / or a particular paper / stickers that we want to use!!  Scrapbooking today is also about preserving the memories and making sure that the materials that we use are safe so that we can still enjoy looking at them in the future!


Here is a Glossary of words that you will come across in magazines / scrapbooking that you may find helpful if you are new to Scrapbooking ...

I usually use double sided sticky tape for most of my layouts but there are many other types of adhesive that you could use...   Wet glues such as PVA for example are not ideal for paper / cardstock / photos as they warp the paper easily. You could also use glue dots or foam pads too

Album: There are 3 main sizes of albums for scrapbooking: 6"×6", 8"×8" and 1"2×12", by far the most popular is 12"x12".  There are not a great deal of Disney Themed Scrapbook albums around, but you can of course use Red or Black leather albums for example, and some of them also have a space on the front for you to add your own photo!  Albums can be post bound - where you can add posts and more pages to the album, ring bound - you open up the rings to place your page protector in, and can add as many pages as you can fit, or they can be a fixed size, where you cannot add any more pages. Usually an album comes with page protectors in it, which you slide your finished layout into from the top. These are also sold seperately if you wish to add more to your album, it is usually recommend that you decide beforehand if you want to add extra pages as it is far easier to add them at the beginning than the end.  Usually an album already has 10 page protectors which can hold 20 layouts back to back ( see also page protectors )

Altered Art: This is fast becoming a popular hobby! Altered art is turning and ordinary every day object into a mini work of art. Brown paper bags can be turned into mini albums, you can decorate anything to "alter" it into a work of art! Popular items to alter are:  Lunch Tins, Paper Bags, Photo Frames, mini albums

Acid / Lignin Free: Anything that you use for scrapbooking if you are using original photos needs to be safe / Acid and Lignin free.  Most manufacturers of Scrapbook items these days make sure that their items are safe for you to use

Brads: Come in many different shapes and sizes, they are basically the same as a paper fastener and are great for Scrapbooking, You can use them to attach a flower to a layout, decorate your photos / layouts, tags etc.  We have some great ones in our store.  I find it easier to make a small hole first with a needle for example then it is a bit easier to push the brad through - especially if you are using cardstock. 

Blossoms:   The general term for flowers, usually paper or material that you can use to decorate your layouts" also reffered to as Blooms!

Cardstock / Paper: This usually forms the basis of your layouts and are an essential!  Cardstock usually means not just thick card but a variety of types of papers,  we mean thicker than paper, but not as thick as chipboard. It can be patterned, plain coloured, glittered, embossed, die cut in any shape or size. Bazzill is a very popular choice for cardstock all in one " solid" colours.  The most popular size is 12"x12"

Chipboard: this is the term for thick card which is usually cut into shapes that you can use to decorate your layouts

Crop: You usually would need to crop your photo to get rid of any background that you do not want in your layout, if you are focussing on a particular person or an event.  A ‘crop’ is also the name given to a group of people getting together to scrapbook together, to share ideas, inspiration and techniques with one another, as well as socialise and try new things.

Die-Cut: Die-cut is a term given to a paper or embellishment which has been "cut out" for example Paperhouse Productions do a range of die cuts which are made of thin card and are already cut out.  Sometimes, you will get a sheet of designs that you can cut around with scissors to make die cuts

Embellishment: This basically means something used to decorate your layouts,  Jolees Boutique, Sandylion stickers,  buttons, fibres, ribbons, brads, blossoms - there are just so many to choose from!

Journaling: Journalling is very important in scrapbooking - otherwise in years to come you may forget when a photo was take or where you were etc.   You may want to add a date, share a joke or a special memory.  You can use pens to write on your layout or alphabet word stickers, or print your own out.  If you do not want it on show - then you can use " hidden" journalling to hide it behind a photo, create a flap, tag for example, not everyone has to see it!

Layout: This quite simply is the name given to your Scrapbook Page - normally abbreviated to LO or SLP for a single layout or DLO for a double page spread.

Matting: Is when you cut paper or cardstock to stick a photo onto, leaving a visible border of the cardstock all around the photo to create a ‘frame’ to make your photo stand out on your page. This can look really effective if you are using coloured cardstock, You could also double or triple mat, tear the paper on one or all sides, use patterned paper and so much more

Memorabilia (also known as Ephemera): Any non-scrapbook item that you may choose to place on your page, such as tickets, ( fast passes ) you could use pin badges, Theme Park guides, menus, - basically anything  - but remember that some of the items may not be acid / lignin free

Mount: to stick a photograph or embellishment to a piece of cardstock to make it stand out.

Page Protectors: acid-free plastic pockets which come with your album, into which you slide your finished page.  They can be top loading or side loading depending on the manufacture, Sandylion are usually top loading, EK Success usually side loading

Paper Trimmers: a very useful tool, you can get ’slide’ along trimmer  or a guillotine style paper cutter. Give you a clean straight edge, rather than using craft knife and ruler or scissors. Can be bought in large 12×12 size, or other more portable small sizes.

Pens: if you are using a pen then they may not be acid / lignin free so if you are keen on everything being " safe" then you can look for the pens that you could use on a scrapbook page called journalling pens, or memory pens,  These days you can get pens in hundreds of colours, thicknesses, styles, permanent or not, glittered, opaque.

Rub-ons: are basically just ‘transfers’ again are available in literally hundreds of different types, alphabets, words, shapes, colours. There are so many widely available. You cut out the part of the rub-on sheet you wish to use and rub over with a lolly stick which you would usually receive in the pack. This sticks the image down to your page. Some rub ons are very poorly made and either stick to their carrier sheet, or you just can’t rub them off the sheet. Try to store them away from heavy items to make sure that pressure isnt put on them causing some of the image to rub off

Scrapbooking: as mentioned before - put simply - to me Scrapbooking is a really fun way to collect your memories and display them in a more creative way than just putting them in a normal photo album

Scrap-lifting: Ever seen a really good layout that someone else has done and would love to try it for yourself?  This is called "Scrap-lifting" basically getting an idea from someone elses layouts! Perfect if you are stuck for an idea - you use theirs, but with your own products. Always be sure to credit the sketch or scraplift back to the person you ‘lifted’ it from if you are mentioning it in a magazine or on a forum.

Sketch: Basically a drawing of what your finished layout will look like - a brief sketch of where your photos, title will end up - a guideline for you to work from if you wish, or you may find a sketch on the internet that you wish to use.  Can be really useful for newbies

Staples: staples can be used to attach embellishments or vellum for example to a layout.

Vellum: a lightweight, translucent paper.


I hope that you have found this useful. Dont forget to check out the rest of my Guide to Disney Scrapbooking!!

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