3.  Before / During your Tip

Before Your Trip ...

If you decide on making a Disney Scrapbook before you go then here are a few ideas that will help you on your way before you go ...

I know it may sound silly but first things first - Photos!! Make sure that you remember to take spare batteries, charger ( adaptor ) maybe instructions for your camera etc and have these all ready.  If you have a video camera - again make sure that you have everything you need for this.  Experiment beforehad with different settings , flash etc.

If you have any special places you want to visit to take photos of - it may help if you get a little notebook and write them down as you remember them so that you dont forget!  If you want to take photos right from the beginning, on the journey etc - then make sure you have your camera on you!  It may be useful to write down who you want to take photos of and where you want to take them, including if you want to take photos of your hotel / villa for example - I usually try to take a photo of the room as soon as I get there as it does become untidy very quickly once you start unpacking!!!

You may find it useful to write down a list of the characters that you do want to meet / or places that you know you want to go so that you dont forget as it can be quite daunting when you arrive for the first time.  Things that you "MUST DO" or visit if your friends / family have told you about them

Keep a "nice" copy of the travel brochure showing your hotels / villa etc so that you can use this afterwards, collect any maps, paper work, tickets for the plane etc if you want to use all these then during / after your trip you will need to keep them in a safe place!


During Your Trip ...

Firstly and very important!! - remember to take your camera out with you every day!!  You never know when you are going to need it as Characters do seem to appear really quickly!  Keep it handy in a case around your neck if possible and take as many photos as you can!! and in the evening when you get back to the hotel/villa- remember to make sure it is charged up ready for the next day!

Things to Keep / Buy for your Scrapbook ...

I find it really hand to buy a little book beforehand and then each day I write in it at the end of the day - what we did, what we had to eat etc. If it is small enough to be carried round then you may find it useful to take out with you - then you can write in it during the day if anything special happens that you dont want to forget.

Get lots of park maps!!  If you are anything like us - then at the end of the day your map will be crumpled - so at the end of the day on your way out - grap a few more!  They make great embellishments for you to cut up to use on your layouts and you can also make a page at the back of your scrapbook where you can keep all the maps safe.

Keep your Theme Park tickets afterwards - again you can make a special holder for these.  Also - get extra fast passes - even if you dont need them as then you can also use them for you pages too.

Buy pin badges - they make great embellishments ( obviously they are not acid free ) but will make your pages unique!  Also pressed pennies too!

If you can - keep menus or receipts - it is always fun to decorate your Dining pages with your receipts - then you will always remember what you had to eat!

If you have an autograph book for the characters to sign - another tip is to get a spare one and then you can use the autographs along side your photos in your layouts!  Make sure you keep a pen handy!

Stickers - alot of the cast members give special stickers to children!  These can also make unique embellishments!

Postcards make lovely embellishements and if the weather hasnt been great - at least you will have some lovely photos of the Castle for example and I have also seen postcards used to make holders for the park maps for example


What to Photograph?

Obviously - you will want to photograph anything and everything - and the beauty of photography today is that most of us have a digital camera so you can snap away as many times a you like and when you get back to the hotel each night or you get home then you can get rid of any that you dont like or are a bit blurry!  Make sure that you have a spare memory stick if you are likely to run out! ( or they are quite reasonable to purchase in Orlando)

Try to photograph unusal things too rather than just characters and the rides, Restaurant / shop signs, ride wait time signs, menus,  look all around you up and down as there is so much to see that you could miss!!  There are lots of pretty gardens, statues and architecture around the parks that you wouldnt want to miss!

Try to get a photo of all of you at the park entrance - in front of the main icons in each of the parks.  Disney now also do these really great CD's where they will take lots of professional photographs of you and you get to make a cd of it!  They can superimpose Tinkerbell or different backgrounds around you which make great unique photos for your layouts!

Ride photographs can be expensive but sometimes they do capture your feelings on a particular ride so can be worth the money but can get expensive if you buy them all ... But I have also seen these days that ALOT of people take a photo of the photo that flashes up on the screen! ( just an idea!!)

As mentioned before - take photos of your rooms BEFORE they get untidy - and take your camera around the hotel resorts too as you never know who you may just bump into!!

If you are going to the water parks - then you can purchase special water resistant disposable cameras there which are expensive but stop yours from getting damaged,  there are also lots of professional photo opportunities too!

Experiment with your camera before hand to know which settings you need - flash etc - as then if you are in a Character meal and wish to take photos you can be ready to know if you need your flash on or not.

If you are staying in a Disney Hotel - then when you come home at the end of the day - you may find some surprises!!  We used to come home to find that the maid had made little toys out of towels, and also re- arranged our childrens toys and teddies and one day we came back to find that they were all watching the TV!! ( Disney Channel of course!) This made great photos too!

Photographing at night time can be tricky but try and get a few of the Castle lit up or the fireworks - again experimenting with your camera before you go will help.

Have Fun!!!  You will probably never take so many photos in your life in such a short space of time!!


Onto the next section - Organising Your Photos!





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