4.  You're Home!!

When you return from a trip to Disney, you will most certainly feel quite depressed!!  You will have had such a fantastic time that you will more than likely be thinking in your head that you want to go again!!!  Making a Disney Scrapbook can help you get over those post holiday blues!!

You will probably have take hundreds of photos and you may not know where to start!  Best thing is not to panic!  You dont have to use all of your photos, just your favourites! ( in fact you will take forever scrapbooking all of your photos and need many scrapbooks!!) You dont have to start your Scrapbook immediately, it is worth taking your time and thinking about everything first! (We will discuss themes for your Scrapbook in the next section.)  On average you will probably use 3 photos per each layout, sometimes more sometimes just 1 larger one.)

If you have a digital camera then you will more than likely upload your photos onto your computer.  You can then easily create folders on your computer to "store" them in and perhaps you can put each days photos into a folder.  You could also make separate folders on the computer and then copy over photos in themes, i.e all the character photos, or perhaps park by park photos etc.  Some of them may need cropping as you may have someones head in the corner that you dont want!! So - take your time organising your photographs on your computer and enjoy reminiscing about your trip!!

You can also upload them all to an online internet based photo shop where you can have them all printed out and sent to you in the post.  This can also be great as you will have all the photos in front of you and you can therefore organise them again.  It maybe hard to remember which photos were taken on which days, which is where if you wrote a diary or a journal on holiday it can come in handy.  There are also various photo developing booths at stores such as Boots where you can take your memory stick in to print them off too.

You can print photographs at home too,  then you can just print out a few at a time which ones you want to use for each layout.

If you decide to print them all off in 1 go, then you will need a box to store them in, you can get a nice box in quite a few places and you can make your own dividers with card for each day etc, however you want to organise them.

You may want to get 2 sets of photos printed, 1 for yourself and family to look through and 1 for your scrapbook,  it is always nice to keep the ones that you have picked out for your scrapbook separately.

On to the next section - Deciding on a Theme for Your Scrapbook



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