7.  Layout / Sketches

If you are stuck for ideas on how to acutally "Layout" your photos to create your layout, then there are hundreds of Sketches on the internet that can help you.  A Sketch is a black and white Drawing of basic shapes showing you where you can put your photos etc for example

Usually you will select 1 main photograph to be the focus and may have others positioned around it, matting the photos with a contrast or matching colour cardstock can really bring the layout to life and highlight the photograph.  A sketch will even tell you where to put your title so you dont need to do a great deal of thinking yourself!

You can also take a look through the gallery at the layouts and make your own sketch of a layout that you like and then use your own photos to fit the sketch.  This is called scraplifting!  If you do use someones layout as an idea for your own and decide to display it in a magazine or a website then it is usually courteous to say who you scraplifted from!

Take a look at this website pagemaps  and you will see what I am on about!  This is a great site and also gives you an example of something made from the sketch, not necessarily Disney but you will get the concept

If you you dont want to use a sketch as your basis for a layout then, gather everything you need for your layout and then play around with the positioning of photos until you are happy with how you want it to look, if you have Jolees embellishments that come on a clear sheet - then I usually cut around them carefully while they are on the backing and then i can position them where I like before sticking them down.  If you have chosen your background paper already then try your photos on different cardstock backgrounds to see which you like the best.  If you have a title and you are using alphabet stickers, then why not make a rough sketch of your title and then you can also position it wherever you like until you have made up your mind where everything is going to go!  This can sometimes take ages!

This layout I did for example:


Magic Kingdom

Well - believe it or not it took me ages to work it all out!! and in the end I decided to have the photos like this as it reminded me of the ride going up and down!!  ( you can easily see the sketch design for this one too )

And for this one:

Magic Kingdom

Again - an easy sketch to use, I wanted to give the impression of the cars going round and round at Disneyland Paris!!

Sometimes you wil have an idea for a layout stuck in your head for ages,  this one I did for example of Its a Small World  I had the idea in my head for ages ( just like "that" song!!)  before I finally had a chance to have a go at it ( and then it took me ages to do!)


Magic Kingdom 

I used a Sheet of WDW Small World Paper, then I cut out a World from a piece of Carol Wilsons Space paper and had the photos attached with brads and decorated with ribbons all the way round so that you can pull them out to see them!

I hope that this gives you a few ideas,  There are lots of layouts in my Gallery!

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