Over the next 10 pages I have put together my guide to Disney Scrapbooking.  Of course any of this info can also be applied to your other Scrapbooking too.

I have so many people email me that are new to Scrapbooking and have just come back from Disney that I decided to put this together as simply as I could in order to help any newbies out there, and also a little light reading for anyone else!

If anyone has anything that they would like to contribute to my guide then I would welcome your comments.  Perhaps you found a good Disney sketch, a favourite quote or title that I havent mentioned, or found something particularly helpful when starting out, please let me know and I will add your comments to the pages, so it can be your guide too!!

So, It is divided up into 10 sections, originally going to be Top 10 tips!! ( like the Disney Hotels have when you arrive in WDW resorts!)  but later decided it seemed more of a guide than tips!! 


Here are the 10 Sections: 

1.  What is Scrapbooking:  A quick overview of Scrapbooking as well as a useful glossary of terms that you will come across

2.  Getting Started:  An idea of what you may need before you start

3.  Before / During your Trip:  What you can do before you go to give you a head start, and some other useful things to collect and look for while you are on your trip

4.  Organising Photos:  how best to organise your photos when you return and what to do next

5.  Decide on a Theme:  Various themes and ideas you can choose from for your Scrapbook

6.  Disney Supplies:  A little overview of the items that you can use for your Scrapbooking

7.  Layout / Sketches:  What is a sketch and how to organise your layouts

8.  Title / Quote Help:  If you are stuck for a title or a quote then this page may just help you out!

9.  Your 1st Layout!:  Completing your 1st layout including a step by step guide for a Disney Layout

10Congratulations!:  You made it!  What next ...

If there is anything else that you may need to know that I havent mentioned then please let me know.  I will probably add bits and pieces to my guide as and when I think of them! 

Thanks for looking




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